Executive coaching service is an one-on-one coaching provides by TheCoach to an executive which we call the “coachee”. The objective is to improve or enhance specific behavior of the coachee.

Coaching session will be done on a regular basis. Usually it starts by meeting once a week for first 3 month. The meeting will be around 90 – 120 minutes per session. After that, the frequency will be reduced to once or twice a month depending on the coaching need.


In order to understand the coachee, TheCoach will interview 6 persons surround the coachee. The interviewees are; 1 direct supervisor, 1 colleague at the same level, 3 subordinates and 1 secretary. These interviews will be one on one meeting. It takes an hour per person. Total time is 6 manhours.

Areas of coaching

Cross cultural management
Presentation skills
Communication skills


1. Chemistry check

TheCoach will meet with the prospective coachee first. The first meeting is a chemistry check between the two persons. If any party does not feel comfortable, usually it stops there. In that case, TheCoach will recommend the prospect to the other coach.

2. Feedback obtain

As stated in the pre-work, TheCoach will meet with 6 surround people to obtain the perception of the coachee.

3. Self discovery

The coachee will do online test by using Gallup’s Strengthsfinder. This will help the coachee to discover his or her top 5 talents. We will use this information during the sessions.

4. Start the session

Then, we can start the session. Usually, the step 1-3 would take 30-45 days till the first session. The coaching period will be 3, 6 or 9 months based on the coaching need.


From our experience, 1/3 of coachee has significantly changed, 1/3 is slightly changed and 1/3 did not show much progress.

The critical success factors are;

  • Clear understanding the coaching needs from the feedback obtained from the surrounded people.
  • The willingness to change from the coachee. If there is a clear consequence if the coachee does not change, it would be highly likely the change.

Why TheCoach

  • Integrity – This is an emerging industry. There is no expert. The ones who will be referred would be the ones that practice highly integrity.
  • Experience – CoachKriengsak has done this for the past 5 years. There are 300 of coachees from diverse background. They range from Management trainee up to CEO, from age range 20 to 60 and mixed of over 30 nationalities.