Inside the Leader’s Mind

20 May 2013

A book that many CEOs would like all their employees to read is Inside the Leader’s Mind: Five Ways to Think Like a Leader by Liz Mellon. After 25 years of leadership development experience, the author decided to study 20 world-class leaders to find out how they really think. What the author found were five […]

How leaders contribute to organizational success

7 May 2013

“Leadership accounts for, at the very least, 15% of the success of any organisation,” the management and leadership studies pioneer Warren Bennis is quoted as saying in The One Thing You Need to Know by Marcus Buckingham. It’s a figure that may surprise some people, and it made a good starting point for a recent conversation I had with Chompoo, one of my clients.

Seven CEO Myths

7 May 2013

I have worked in multinational companies for 20 years and as a coach for the past 12 years, and there are seven CEO myths that I have learned:

How leaders define challenges technical or adaptive

7 May 2013

“Khun Kriengsak, in your recent column on ‘Re-examining Leadership’, you mentioned technical problems versus adaptive problems,” Khun Sombat says. “What are the implications for leaders?”

Heroism or Co-Creator leadership?

7 May 2013

“Khun Kriengsak, I liked your feature on re-examining leadership. Nevertheless, you talked about four aspects in one column. I feel like you had more to say.”

Re-Examining leadership

7 May 2013

What leadership lessons can we learn from Thailand’s floods in 2011? The country as a whole has learned some very expensive lessons, to be sure. But evaluating how the Thai government exercised its leadership during the crisis might help us all gain some wisdom and make us better prepared for any kind of catastrophe in the future.

Tips for a new leader

7 May 2013

Peter is a new expat in Thailand on his first overseas assignment. He’s an outsider in more ways than one, because he is also new to the company that has posted him to this exotic tropical country.

Scouting around for new talent

7 May 2013

“Coach, I’ve already changed two human resources chiefs in the past two years,” Preecha tells me. “Now I’m thinking whether I should change the current one or not.”

Coaching baby boomers to work with gen Y

7 May 2013

“Khun Kriengsak, I liked your column ‘Can Gen Y and Baby Boomers Work Together?’ in the Bangkok Post,” Somporn tells me. “I distributed it to all my people. Can you coach me on how to coach Generation Y?”