More than 10 years executive coaching experience, if focus on strength, there is 72% change. On the other hand, when I focus on improve the weakness, only 18% changed.

Focus on strength is 4 times easier.

People want to see how strength coaching work.

Here is a case study demonstrate the concept.

Strength coaching case study

“Khun Dilok, what do we want to talk today?”

“I want you to help me strengthening one of my strengths.”

“Khun Dilok, what are your strengths?”

“I am good at: presentation skills, conflict management and find talents to work with me.”

“Which strength that you must need to develop as a top priority now?”

“I want to be great at presentation skills because I will do the roadshow for capital increase next couple months.”

“Khun Dilok, from the book Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham suggests creating a development plan by answering these questions:

1. What must you do to upgrade this strength?
2. What book must you read?
3. What training must you attend?
4. What research must you do?
5. Who must you shadow in order to learn from that person?
Who must you meet (friend, mentor, coach, teacher, boss)?”

“Let start by following these questions: What must you do to upgrade this strength?”

“I will review my previous presentations that were recorded on video. I will identify one core area for improvement. Then, I will do adjust myself accordingly. After that I will do a rehearsal by using the first draft of the roadshow. I will also record it for self evaluation.”

“That’s good plan. Let go to the next one: What book must you read?”

“I like the book Presenting to win by Jerry Weissman. It’s a great book for roadshow presentation. I did read it 10 years ago. I will reread it again.”

“Khun Dilok, what is the reading plan?”

“I will spend at least one hour per day to read this book. I think within a week for seven hours, I will be able to finish it.”

“Reading alone you might not remember much. What else will you do?”

“I will do the summary of each chapter. Thank you for reminding me.”

“Khun Dilok, what training must you attend?”

“I don’t think so. I already attend several presentation skills training already. The key is on preparation and practicing. I pass this one.”

“Then, let go to the next question: What research must you do?”

“I will watch best presenters on Youtube, people like Steve Jobs, Al Gore or Martin Luther King.”

“Who must you shadow in order to learn from that person?”

“I think I will watch several video clips of my Group Chairman roadshows. He’s great at presentation skills.”

“Who must you meet (friend, mentor, coach, teacher, boss)?”

“I will meet with a CEO of the advertising agency that our company is currently using. She’s also a great presenter. I was very impressed when she pitched a business from us 2 years ago. I will ask her about her tricks of the trade on this aspect.”

“Alright Khun Dilok. There are several actions you are talking about. Let put them on one month action plan.”

After couple minutes, he presents his plan to me.

“Coach, I want to report my progress to you on a weekly basis for the next 4 weeks.”

“Khun Dilok, that’s great!”